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Allen W Thrasher athr at LOC.GOV
Mon Jan 9 23:00:46 UTC 2006

Tim (and others), 
You might think of getting that done through the Archives and Research Center for Ethnomusicology, part of the AIIS in Delhi.  They are interested in such things, and I long ago promised them copies of some tapes I made of chanting of the Vedas and Kavya during my first stay in India.  Already I have  leant them to copy some early Goan 78 rpm vinyls I bought in the Bhendi Bazar in Bombay. 
Part of the idea of the ARCE is for US scholars to give back to India some of the things they have gained there.  
I don't know for sure whether they have any interest in audio that is in no way "music,"  but their homepage  mentions "music and oral traditions," which may imply they would be. 
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>>> LubinT at WLU.EDU 01/09/06 5:13 PM >>>

I possess a privately made cassette of Prof. Nagaraja Rao, of Mysore,
illustrating various meters in a quite beautiful style of chanting. 
Most of the examples are from the works of Kaalidaasa and from
Bhart.rhari's "Satakatraya.  In the course of this he also recounts some
amusing anecdotes about Appayadiik.sita.

I will see about getting these recordings transferred to digital format
so that it can be made readily available if anyone else is interested.

Tim Lubin
Washington and Lee University

>>> mkapstei at UCHICAGO.EDU 12/29/05 7:48 PM >>>

Can anyone recommend some goods sources for digital
recordings of spoken Sanskrit, Sanskrit poetry and dramatic
recitation, etc.? Examples of the chants used for
reciting various meters would be of particular interest.
A recorded anthology of Sanskrit poetry, I suppose, is too
much to hope for just yet.

Matthew Kapstein

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