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Neither does Barbara. But we are not degrading it to inductive reasoning because of that. All universal judgements are true under certain conditions. There might be conditions in the universe or in our distant future where the universal premise "All people are mortal" will turn wrong. Aristotelian deductive logic is operating under such unspoken - and mostly unreflected - conditions, kind of a psycho-anthropological implicate order.

The same with Indian logic. In their Lebenswelt, the hetu-vakya was deemed sufficiently apodictic - and the guarantees were provided from two valid sources: successful practice and alaukika-pratyaksa. While the Aristotelian logic in this sense is a little bit lame - it doesn't rely on the Yogic power of seeing the samanya-laksana and the things as they are. European logic had to wait for Husserl to introduce this pramana (the Wesensshau = yogaja-pratyaksa) into philosophical and methodological use. Indian logic was transcendental and methodologically ripe 2000 years before European logic to come to the same considerations and metalogical concerns.

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  The Indian inference schema does not offer any such

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