Something wrong with the WSC?

Maheswaran Nair swantam at ASIANETINDIA.COM
Wed Feb 22 18:31:02 UTC 2006

I am not interfering for or against anyone.
The Gaurava of the PaNCAvayava of the Naiyayikas was pointed out by 
the Advaitins centuries ago.See VedAntaparibhASA of 
DharmarajAdhvarIndra.There, it is clearly argued by the author that 
either of the triads-PratijNA,Hetu,UdAharaNa or UdAharaNa, 
Upanaya,Nigamana will do.His statement is-Vayam Tryavayave 
SthitAH=Advaitins rest on three limbs.
K.Maheswaran Nair
Department of Sanskrit
University of Kerala

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From: Ferenc Ruzsa <ferenc.ruzsa at ELTE.HU>
Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 5:48 pm
Subject: Re: Something wrong with the WSC?

> Friends,
> I beg your forgiveness: I know this does not really belong here, 
> but I was 
> addressed personally, so I cannot avoid answering.
> Professor Brockington wrote:
> >> 2. It was rejected – no reason given.
> >
> > This second statement is not accurate.
> It is. I quote in full the e-mail I received (06.02):
> -------
> Dear Dr Ruzsa
> We regret to inform you that your Abstract “Is The Cosmic Giant an 
> IE Myth?' 
> , having been examined by the Chairpersons, is not considered to 
> be suitable 
> for presentation at the 13thWorld Sanskrit Conference.   We as 
> organisers of 
> the conference concur in their assessment.
> Yours sincerely
> Professor John Brockington (Chair)
> Paul Dundas (Secretary)
> -------
> And I noted in my first posting already (directly under the line 
> that Prof. 
> Brockington referred to above) that
> >3. After inquiry for the ground of the decision in e-mail I was 
> told that 
> >"the subject matter ... was not sufficiently relevant to the 
> concerns of a 
> >World Sanskrit Conference."
> *****
> Please, Naiyaayikas of the e-world! I have not received any 
> feedback on my 
> abstract on Nyaaya (posted 17.02); but it would be quite important 
> for me to 
> know if it really does not contain any new idea. So please, send 
> me the name 
> of the relevant book or article that has a similar view on old 
> inference so 
> that I may update my knowledge. Otherwise (this is a threat) I 
> will write it 
> in full...
> Thank you,
> Ferenc Ruzsa 

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