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Prfra. R. Thapar: My more sicere concerns to you. I think the follow is a interesting issue for to you and other scholars, that we are interested in the real truths on India history.
With my best wishes. 
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to a Marxist Agent

Note: In the past 3 years I have recieved several emails from this individual. In these emails he asks me to explain why I became so adamant in my opposition to Romila Thapar's writings.He claims he wants to write a book about my experiance. I looked up the individual and it appears he is a high level marxist activist. Because I am not sure, I refrained from using his name for now and have not sent out this reply to him as of yet. I am waiting further clarification before I do. However regardless of this individual, i enjoyed writing my repsonse and thought it appropriate to share with you all. For the record, the emails I get showing appreciation for my writing, mean alot to me. I know Krsna says forget the fruits but none can deny that when the target audience expresses appreciation, it is solid proof that Im going in the right direction. So thank you from my heart,
Pranams, Vrndavan

Dear (name removed for now till I can verify that this is not some set up),

I thought that it was strange that after 3 years, someone would still be interested in this story. Upon learning that you have a M.A (Political Science) and a Ph. D in (Soviet Polity)  its obvious that you are a Marxist. I understand everything now. No wonder you guys have success and the Hindus are floundering. Its called perserverance. I am sorry to disappoint you but I really put the whole anti-Thapar petition together myself. It was hilarious to see the 'secularists' spouting their conspiracy theories. How I wish the Hindu Leadership were on the ball organizing various global agents into activism. They really should take a page from you commies. 

Anyway, to answer your question as to how I recognized that it was wrong for US tax money to be funding a foreign researcher's Marxist theories regarding my culture?.... As an American, this is my legal right and is a path of redress that is guaranteed by our US constitution. I will do my best to share my percpectives with you as a response to your questions.

As someone who grew up in India as a Hindu, in Hindu Gurukulas, I had a background in the Hindu view of History and culture. I grew up around Hindus that had a sense of self worth based on their traditional perspectives. As a teenager I moved back to America. Initially I rejected everything I learned in India. However after 2 years of exposure to western views on India and Hinduism in particular,I noted a major gap in the western view of India and hinduism and the actual view of those Hindus from within the culture itself. 

In other words, those removed and uninvolved in the culture had perpectives and views on the culture that were a complete contradiction to the views of those actually living the culture. In US High School, our teacher would tell straight out lies regarding the Indian condition. When I dared to stand up and share my hands-on life experiance as someone who lived and breathed India, I was ridiculed and given a failing grade. Ashamed, I began to question as to why their existed such a gulf between the views of Hindus who live the culture and the views on Hinduism from those who simply study the culture. 

Soon I noticed that all African-American studies are headed by African Americans, Women studies by Women, Islamic studies by Muslims, Gay and Lesbian issues and commitees were all headed by Gay activists, Hispanic studies and groups were all headed by Hispanics, American Indians by Indians. However Hindu or Vedic studies did not seem to exist and when they did they were refered to as South Asian Studies. Even the very word Indian seemed to be taboo. Too top it all off, none of the South Asian depts were headed by actual dedicated practitioners of Hindu traditions.

Adding to my suspiscion I noted the fact that despite Hindu civilization being the ancient world's largest source of ancient writings and despite the fact that Hindu civilization represents the world's largest and ongoing cultural phenomenon, the so-called scholars and researchers of the world ignored Hindus as an authentic living resource of knowledge. 

The academics, scholars and researchers of the world, who profess an undying thirst and curiosity for knowledge and information, behave in a completly condratictory manner when it comes to anything regarding Hindu civilization. Actually this goes way beyond anti-hinduism but is actually anti-indian. The very fact that this alleged war on terror has no focus on protecting India...despite India being the world's largest terror target and having a death-rate numbering over 100,000 reveals that something more sinister is at work. 

Anyway, I began looking into the sources of my fellow American's inaccurate views on the culture I had began to love even the more, as I continued my journey as a young American with his heart in India. Almost immediatly I came across Thapar's writings. A History of India in particular. At the time I did not know that people like her existed, actual Indians that promote views contrary to India's own ancient traditions. It was a new phenomenon for me. 

As a white kid who went to an almost all Black High-school in Los Angelos, I had many friends into Black empowerment. Never did I come across a Black source of anti-Black ideologies. Recognizing that their has been injustice in the prcatice of Hindu culture in the past, I gave Thapar the benefit of the doubt. Yet repeatedly rather than being a source of empowerment for Hindus it became clear that Romila Thapar was a native agent designed to legitimize the racist and cultural elitism of the academic community. 

She was the 'Good Injun' (american slang for Indian) that was so instrumental in the destruction of the American Indians. Nearly everything she has promoted as truth, goes completely against the views and conclusions of the ancient Sampradayas and traditions of Vedic culture. As someone who lived in Vrndavan, India UP I knew about the ravages of the savage Mongols=Moghuls. 

I knew that only one original Krsna diety still existed in Vrndavan the town of over 5000 Krsna temples. I knew they were still in Rajastan because they had to be protected by HINDU KINGS from the Muslim iconoclasts. Thapar forgot to mention such truths in her alleged 'History of India.' Despite all her scholardom she did not seem to note the simple point that the Moghuls she glorifies were actually the Mongols of Genghis Khan and Tamerlin.

 Here we see the evil genuis of Thapar at work. Despite the world recognizing the brutality and genocidal nature of the Mongols throughout their various empires, we turn to the Mongols in India. Now they are the Noble Moghuls. Suddenly they built Taj Mahals and bring light and liberty to evil dark India. 

Will if that is a fact that should be considered another proof regarding the glory of Hindu civilization. Here we have the brutal represive Mongols suddenly turning into enlightened leaders of truth, justice and liberty, building unique palaces to loveetc. yet even here Thapar does not give credit to the gentrifying and enobling nature of Hindu India. 

She is like these Muslim apologists who attempt to high-light the alleged women-empowering aspects of Islam by revealing that both 'Pakistan and Bangladesh have had women leaders'. They ignore the fact that it is the Indian basis of these countries that allows for women leaders, thus both India and Sri Lanka have had Women Leaders. Its the Indian basis of these cultures that empowers these women to become national leaders. No other Muslim country has ever had a Female Head of State. 

A true scholar would look at the facts and ignore the rhetoric and admit the truth. As an agent for disinformation, Thapar highlights positivity that is denuded of Hinduism and denigrates Hinduism by shearing it of positivity.

She unashamedly promotes the false idea that India was never a Nation using Western constructs as to what the term Nation means. She articficially imposes an external measurement system that can not accurately incorporate the concepts and ideas of Indigenous civilization. This one point alone is enough to expose her as a source of misinformation. She is using foriegn terminologies and perpectives and tries to force them unto the Native perspective. 

To put it simple for all your Scholars out there. Indeginous civilizations maintained an integral holistic approach to society. Due to the fact that Native societies required nearly total individual independance amongst the community, what to speak of amongst tribes or nations, there was always a very loose understanding of what constituded a national identity. This in itself is one of the integral aspects of Indigenous societies and Nationhood. Any terms and names were always more than just a term or a name. 

Most of the times these terms refered to sacred responsibilities. Thus Bharatiyas are those that support, maintain or bear a burden. Yet today in the western construct it simply means an Indian. Thapar uses the western method which will simply say that Bharat means India. Yet the Hindu traditional perspective can accurately tell you the actual meaning that 'it is someone who sustains'. The Hindu traditional perspective can give you the cultural geography that will educate the seeker in their attemp to understand what Bharat really means. By using these various names and terms the Vedic society instilled actual behaviours into the general masses that reflected the nature of their civilization or nation. The modern West does not have this same view when it comes to the idea of a people or a nation. Yet Thapar continues to promote such incompatibility as an authentic research methodology. The very fact that so many Hindu traditionalists reject her works is proof in itself that she is way off base. They open her book and in it she says everything in contradiction to the average Hindu's parents, elders, traditions and gurus. Thus many Hindus embarrasingly use terms like Hindu mythology, Hindu idols and speak of the allegorical nature of the Mahabharata etc. 

In sheer arragonce, intelectuals denigrate tales of the ancient world as a source of fantastic legends or noble lies. Again to put it simple for all the scholars. If I were to describe cell phone technology, the internet or my ability to fly around the world in 1 day to your average educated westerner of the 1800s, he would think I was a lunatic. Yet today such things are common sense and instantly understandble by all.

In the same way, Humanity needs to carefully consider its true history thru the prism of humility and wonder. Humility and wonder for the great work that our common anscestors have done in researching and presenting their ancient conclusions for us all. We are in no real position to guage wehter or not our current understanding and awareness is broadmined enough to encompass the true depths and dimensions of the ancients. We still do not have the correct language or terminologies to map the ancient cultural geography of the world. Yet if we accept the ancient research of the Rshis as a starting point, we can surely get somewhere.

So Thapar is obviously ignorant of the indeginous view and will always reach false conclusions because she is using wrong and opposing methodologies in her attempts to present Indian history and culture. 

So I had to use my own GOD given logic. Here we have civilizations (Western, Islamic and Marxist) that are completley incapable of maintaining the basic sign of sustainibility ie a balanced birth and death rate, Civilizations that obviously do not know how to peacefully co-exist. All signs point to complete disfunctionality and yet we are supposed to seriously accept their conclusions as Gospel. Oh and these conclusions always change according to the latest research, even though allegedly 'the latest research has proven...' COME ON DUDE. I would be a complete brain dead idiot to keep accepting such crap as truth.

On the other hand we have Hindu or Vedic civilization. The very fact that it is here today with nearly a billion members and has a perspective on everything from Sex positions to the Souls's position is worthy of note in itself. It has an obvious sustainibility that allows for a massive human population base along with some of the world's last surviving animal species.

 Anyway to put it simply I had a clear choice in front of me...Accept the conclusions of the limited experiance and obvious deficiencies of people studying an ancient reality from outside its dimensions or accept the ancient continuity, the ancient life experiances and research of those from within the culture. I mean its simple logic that even the greatest Professors seem to miss. If you want to know the facts about a certain subject go to those immersed in the subject and inquire from them. The fact that academia does this for nearly everything acccept Hindu studies speaks volumes.

In conclusion, we both have no doubt that the greatest enemy to the ongoing Marxist/Atheist conspiracy to strip humanity of its mystic and sacred birth-right is the Vedic/Hindu tradition. Your ongoing war against the sacred can only be stopped by the continued growth of Global Hinduism. Unlike Islam, Christianity, Judaism etc we Hindus can say it loud and clear that our traditions allow and welcome the natural diversity that is part of creation.

AS A VAISHNAVA-HINDU I CAN LOOK A MUSLIM AND A CHRISTIAN STRAIGHT IN THE EYE AND SAY WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT PRAYING TO ALLAH OR JESUS WILL BRING THEM SALVATION. (As long as they stop insulting God/Goddesses' other children by denigrating their sacred relationships to the Divine thru conversion .) No other major global religious tradition can say this. 

The Secularists and Marxists are creating a world meant to divorce humanity from the sacred. However It is Hinduism's all-inclusiveness that will save humanity from this ongoing cultural genocide. 

So in short, the answer to your question as to the exact source of my awakening regarding the anti-Hindu works of Thapar were the writings of Thapar herself. As a Ram-Bhakta the very fact that she wrote 'The Ram Myth' is also a clear sign as to her intent and agenda. I also point out another very simple logical point that once again scholars can not seem to understand. One does not need to listen to or watch an entire album or movie in order to gauge the worth and quality of the product. Distinguishing people have natural abilities to decipher quality and the viability of an issue etc. This effort to nitpick exact quotes to quarrel over is a diffusing tactic meant to divert attention and disempower the concerned and the aggrieved. 

The effort of many scholars to enforce academic values upon humanity in order to guage truth is a form of tyranny. When seen thru the Hindu prism it is outright hypocracy. I challenge the academic world to apply the same rules to the study of Vedic civilization as they do to the study of every other major field. They can not do it and will not do it. Why? 

Because an honest aproach to Indian studies would reveal a picture completly at odds with the modern atheistic paradigm. The similirities of European language and culture would represent either a maintanance of the genocidal-inducing Aryan race theories or an awakening to the truth that the whole world really was Aryan in the Vedic sense.
It is Such! It is Satch! It is Satya!

On a side note, I noticed you have expertise in Political science. I am curious to know, have you ever studied your own Kautilya? I recently attended a conference along with some delegates from Beijing, China. At this conference, we were quite intrigued to learn that the Chinese Universities teach and study Kautilya yet the Indian universities do not. As an Indian leader in this field, do you not see the inconsistencies and illogical approach to India's research of it's own legacies? 

So thank you for hearing me out.

You mention you are writing a book on this affair and issue. I have no doubt you will attempt to misrepresent my views. SO I HEREBY DO NOT GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO USE MY WRITINGS IN YOUR BOOK.

Krunvanto Vishvam Aryam.
Sincerely, Vrndavan Parker

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> Tema: Re: Question re: Niscaladasa and/or Dadu Mahashay
> Dear Prem, 
> First of all if you are coming to Delhi during June or August please get in 
> touch. I am out in July. Call me at 26831744 or 41328003. It will be great 
> to see you again. 
> Never heard of your village, unless Kerhowli is a mistake for Mehrauli, 
> which was a village near Delhi with many khanqahs, etc; and is now a 
> fashionable suburb of south Delhi ! But we could go there and enquire about 
> the shAkhA. 
> But I suggest you consult the topographical sheets of the Survey of India 
> for villages near Delhi. 
> Best wishes, 
> Romila 
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> Sent: Sunday, June 04, 2006 6:21 AM 
> Subject: Question re: Niscaladasa and/or Dadu Mahashay 
> > Dear Indologists, particularly those familiar with Delhi & Kashi, 
> > 
> > I am studying the works of Ni'scaladAsa, a late 19th century advaita 
> > scholar and author of the V.rttiprabhAkara and VicArasAgara. I recently 
> > came across a reference in the latter work where the author states the the 
> > text was completed in a village by the name of Kiha.dauli, 18 kos west of 
> > Delhi. A possible alternate name may be Kehrowli. An introduction to a 
> > 1962 edition of this work states that Ni'scaladasa's guru, DAdU MahA'saya 
> > lived in this village and that there is still a lineage ('si.sya-'sAkhA) 
> > functioning there. 
> > 
> > I will be in India this summer and am hoping to visit this village, if I 
> > can find it. Has anyone heard of it, or of this lineage? 
> > 
> > Ni'scaladAsa is also said to have been active in Varanasi, and Ramsimha 
> > Raja of Bundi was a patron of his. I'd appreciate any leads in this 
> > connection. 
> > 
> > Thank you, 
> > 
> > 
> > Prem Pahlajrai 
> > PhD student 
> > University of Washington, 
> > Seattle USA 
> > 
> > 
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