Kamakayana gotra

Sudalaimuthu Palaniappan Palaniappa at AOL.COM
Fri Aug 11 02:56:28 UTC 2006

Dear scholars,
There is a Classical Tamil poet whose name appears in many manuscripts  as 
Kaamakka.n.ni. A modern commentator, Auvai Turaicaamip Pi.l.lai has  corrected 
this name into Kaamakkaa.ni and explained this as referring to a  person who 
has performed a kaamya sacrifice and received a land grant  called kaa.ni in 
Tamil. Some scholars have accepted this correction. For  instance, George Hart 
has followed Pi.l.lai in giving the name of the  author of a poem in "The Four 
Hundred Songs of War and Wisdom" (p.  163) as Kaamakkaa.ni. 
However, my analysis of Tamil inscriptions suggests that Kaamakkaa.ni  is the 
Tamil rendition of the Sanskrit gotra name Kaamakaayana and has nothing  to 
do with any land grant. We have a parallel in a gotra name rendered in Tamil  
as Paataa.ni which seems to represent Sanskrit Bhaadraayana  gotra.  
I would appreciate any information on variants of the gotra names  
Kaamakaayana and Bhaadraayana attested in other texts or  inscriptions.
Thanks in advance.
S. Palaniappan

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