Oak and the Tribe of the Buddha

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A"svagho.sa in the Saundarananda associates "saakyas with "saakav.rk.sa, 
which is teak tree according to MW.


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>Subject: Oak and the Tribe of the Buddha
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>Hello Indologers,
>This is a query that came to the Buddha-L list, and as I too am wondering
>about this translation of shakya--any comment, anyone?
>Joanna Kirkpatrick
>>Dear list members,
>>Here's a quotation from the new book _Oak:  The Frame
>>of Civilization_, by William Bryant Logan, Norton, 2005,
>>page 24:
>>'The name of the historic Buddha, Shakyamuni, means
>>"the sage of the oak tree people".'
>>This surprised me, and I haven't been able to find any
>>corroboration on the internet or in my library.  I'm not
>>an expert on Pali or Sanskrit, so I can't judge the
>>accuracy of this statement.  The book is not a scholarly
>>volume, so there aren't footnotes  -- otherwise I'd just
>>look at his references and I might have my answer already.
>>Was the Shakya tribe/clan really named after oak trees?
>>Greg Bungo

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