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George Thompson gthomgt at ADELPHIA.NET
Tue Sep 20 12:40:10 UTC 2005

Dear List,

I am forwarding a request for information from Victor Mair, a Sinologist 
at the Univ. of Pennsylvania.  I will forward any responses to him, but 
if anyone wishes to respond to him directly, he would be grateful:

vmair at sas.upenn.edu

Thanks in advance from Victor and from me.

George Thompson


Dear Colleagues,

Are any of you familiar with the famous works of Indian story-literature
that are listed below?  A friend of mine has discovered a Chinese story
from the mid-9th c. that is an exact mirror of a story found in
Somadeva's (--> Raaja"sekharasuuri's [?]) collection and in the
Kathaako"sa.  She is particularly interested in finding out as much as
she can about the Tamil collection of stories, but she would welcome
information about any of the other collections as well.



[diacriticals omitted; sorry for any other errors; the list is copied
from my friend's message -- she is a Sinologist, not an Indologist; I've
made a couple of corrections and notations in brackets, but they are by
no means complete]


Brhatkathasaritsagara by Kashmiri Somadeva (1030 CE)

Kathacoca [--> Kathaako"sa] by Kashmiri Ksmendra [--> K.semendra -->
Raaja"sekharasuuri {?}] (990 CE)

Brhatkathamanjari (by Ksmendra [--> K.semendra] also)

Brhatkathaslokasamgraha by Nepalese Budhasvamin (tentatively 8th or 9th

Vasudevahimdi by Samghadasaganin (no later than 6th century, possibly
much earlier, even 1st or 2nd century CE) a Jaina narrative in popular
dialect of Prakrit called Old Jaina Maharastri)

Perunkatai by Konkuvelir (10th century, Tamil) (also Jain)

Tantrakyana (1484)


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