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Here is an addition to my short notice on the history of the Kavyamala:

The term "Kavyamala" actually designates three things at the same time: 
- the Kavyamala JOURNAL 
- and the two  Kavyamala SERIES ("long" and "short") put together from 
the dissected parts of the journal.

Let's begin with the  monthly journal of 100 pages per issue. It amounts to 
237 issues published between 1894 and 1924.
Each issue contained two kinds of material: 
1. Laghukavyani, i.e. shorter works (stotras etc.) in a continous pagination 
spaning over several short works (this section of the journal was 
discontinued in 1906).
2. fascicles of larger works (kavya, nataka etc.), with separate work-by-
work paginations.

Let me take up Weber's example (see his article, pp. 160f.) and expand it 
a bit. The contents of issue no. 77 are as follows (spare me the diacritics):

1. Avatarakavi's Isvarasataka
This went into vol. 9 of the SHORT Kavyamala SERIES, where it forms 
part 2 comprising pp. 33-40 of the volume.
To expand the example a bit further: part 1, pp. 25-31 of that same vol. 9 
of the short SERIES was published in issue no. 76 of the Kavyamala 
JOURNAL; these two texts included, vol. 9 of the short SERIES contains 
11 short works altogether, amounting to 159 pages.

2. Venkatesakavi's Srinivasavilasacampu, pp. 73-80; this is a fascicle of 
Vol. 33 of the LONG Kavyamala SERIES containing the entire text of that 

3. Purusottamakavi's Visnubhaktikalpalata, pp.33-40; this is a fascicle of 
Vol. 31 of the LONG Kavyamala SERIES giving the entire text of that 

4. Krsnananda's Sahrdayananda, pp. 33-40; this is a fascicle of Vol. 32 of 
the LONG Kavyamala SERIES.

5. Viranandi's Candraprabhacarita, pp. 129-136; this is a fascicle of Vol. 
30 of the LONG Kavyamala SERIES.

... etc. (for the rest of the fascicles contained in issue No. 77 of the 
JOURNAL see Weber).

This example shows, the BOTH SERIES were published simultaniously in 
the JOURNAL. The journal did not have a life of its own, it was  ment to 
be dissected into the various fascicles and then bound into the respective 
volumes of the two SERIES.
The difference between the two SERIES is that the volumes of the short 
one contain several works, while the volumes of the long one only contain 
one work.

The reconstruction of the JOURNAL requires the wrappers of the original 
issues (see my previous message). As for the two SERIES, there is a 
table of contents in Prana Natha / Chaudhuri's catalogue of "Sanskrit 
Books" of the India Office Library, section 2, pp.1318-1322.
For bibliograhic details see:

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