Supernormal Powers in Ancient Indian Traditions

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Dear Brad Clough,

Numerous siddhis are described in most "saiva revealed scriptures,  
and there exist early exegetical works treating this topic too. There  
exist schemes of classification too, such as uttama-,  madhyama-, and  

The frequently encountered list of eight "yogic" siddhis  
(a.nimaadaya.h)  is usually taught under the name, for  
succinct definitions of these see K.semaraaja's  
Svacchandatantroddyota  to 10.1073.
See also Kira.natantra 58.52--60, Paraakhyatantra  14.93--96  
(recently published with a  complete annotated translation By D.  
Goodall in Pondicherry).

Besides these "well-known" siddhis "saiva scriptures teach a vast  
number of more specific attainments, a complete listing of types and  
sources might be of little use if the context is not taken into  
account.  Quite a bit of the material is readily available in print  
in the KSTS and the IFP/EFEO series from Pondicherry (including  

Somadeva Vasudeva

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>> Dear Colleagues,
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>> I am working on the topic of supernormal powers ("divine" ear and
>> eye, knowledge of others' thoughts, memory of past lives, and other
>> siddhis/rddhis) in Indian Buddhism, and would like to situate my work
>> in the larger context of ancient Indian religions, and so I am
>> looking for early Jain and Hindu treatments. I am aware of the Yoga
>> Sutra chapter (and commentaries on it) on vibhutis, but am interested
>> in other treatments as well. I am more interested in systematic
>> discussions, but sustained narratives (from the epics, for example)
>> of yogins and tapasvins displaying such powers would be worth
>> considering as well. Any suggested references would be most
>> appreciated!
>> Brad Clough
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