source of Sanskrit half-;sloka in Hindi piece

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Dear colleagues,

A graduate student in my department is studying the following theatre  
piece by .Thaakur Jagmohan (1857-1899): "Huqqevaale kaa  
naa.tak", published in .Thaakur Jagmohan Racnaavalii 1. 2001.  
Raaypur: Chattisga.rh lok sa.msk.rti anusandhaan sa.msthaan (written  
c. 1880; unpublished during his lifetime).

At a certain point in the dialogue, a wise man cites the following  
half-;sloka to prove that dharma and devataas are no longer what they  
used to be:

kalaud.r.m;sa vi.s.nusti.s.thati mediniim-bhuutalecaa

The word division is as given in the text. Does anyone understand how  
to read or correct d.r.m;sa, which I presume must be separated from  
kalau? Does anyone understand bhuutalecaa, or at least the caa part?  
Does anyone know the source of this (half) verse?

With thanks,

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