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Since I'm interested in folklore, I took the liberty of cross posting this
query to this list. Hope that's OK. Anybody have any answers?
Joanna Kirkpatrick
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> Greetings!
> A colleague of mine has asked for information about a myth which someone
among you might have an answer to:
> The Indian playwright Girish Karnad, in his latest published play, _Bali:
The Sacrifice_, makes use of this myth of a rooster made of dough that can
be traced back, he says in a prefatory note, to the ninth-century Sanskrit
epic, _Yashastilaka_, by one Somadeva Suri.  The myth, or some version of
it, is also to be found in two other texts:  an eleventh-century epic (that
he does not name) by Vadiraja, and a thirteenth-century Kannada epic titled
_Yashodhara Charite_ by one Jana.  My question to the list is this:  where
can one find an English translation of the narrative of the myth, and/or its
meaning, or context, especially in relation to the debates between Jainism
and Vedanta, if that is indeed its proper context.
> Thank you!
> Lisa Knight
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