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David Magier magier at COLUMBIA.EDU
Fri Dec 9 11:48:35 UTC 2005

Vanijyotih was an Indology journal published at Utkal from 1986 through 
1988 (I believe it ceased in 1988?). If the felicitation volume was issued, 
it is probably within that range. The journal is fairly widely held in 
libraries, who might not have separately cataloged the felicitation volume 
as a separate monograph -- hence it would not appear in their catalogs, and 
you would have to browse the actual volumes for the three years of 
publication to find the article you want.

Meanwhile, I will put in a request to see if the three-year closed run of 
Vanijyotih can be added to the titles indexed at the article level in the 
Bibliography of Asian Studies.

David Magier
Columbia University Libraries

--On December 9, 2005 12:13:11 AM -0800 oliver fallon <opfallon at YAHOO.COM> 

>       Dear Indologists,
>   I am trying to track down an article in a festschrift:
>   NARANG S.P., 2003. An analysis of the Prakrta of Bhasa-sama of the
> Bhatti-kavya (Canto XIII) (On the basis of Jayamangala and
> Bharatamallika). In: Prof. Mahapatra G.N., Vanijyotih: Felicitation
> Volume, Utkal University, Bhuvaneshwar. (in press).
>   Does anyone know the email address of the author or know whether the
> book actually appeared in print and if so where I can get a copy? Please
> contact me off list if you can help.
>   Many thanks,
>   Oliver Fallon
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