Daniela Rossella ghezziem at TIN.IT
Wed Dec 7 17:09:26 UTC 2005

Thank you for the very useful suggestions, dearest Professor. Some years ago
you have already helped me in finding rare texts.
> [Rathanga-duta, attributed to Kalidasa]. Sri-Mahakavi
> Kalidasakrtau Rathanga-duta-Kavi-kamtha-pasakhyau gramthau
> ... [Telugu char.]
> Tenali : Rajata Press, 1924. - pp. [1], 2, 24. 18x12 cm
> Shelfmark No. San B. 785 (m)
Dev, Narendra's work is at the British Library; while
> 1. New Catalogus Catalogorum Vol. 4, Madras 1968, p. 67b,
> s.v. Kalidasa
> 2. New Catalogus Catalogorum Vol. 3, Madras 1967, p.
> 266ab, s.v. Kavikanthapasa
are at the Library of Congress.

Nothing in Italy, as usual.
All the best, thank you so much again,

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