Move of the INDOLOGY website

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Fri Dec 2 21:00:16 UTC 2005

:: The INDOLOGY website is changing

The INDOLOGY website will shortly be moving from one internet host to 
another.  There will also be a major upgrade of the interface.  These 
changes are made possible by a grant from the British Academy's Society 
for South Asian Studies, and the expertise of Richard Mahoney in both 
indology and web programming.  I am most grateful to the SSAS and to 
Richard for their support in making these upgrades possible.

:: What these changes will mean for you?

The INDOLOGY website is officially at the address

This web address will remain the same.  But there may be some hiccups in 
the service over the next week or so, while we move this address from one 
service provider to another.  This change takes place behind the scenes, 
and the address itself doesn't change.  I think 
that the shorter address will also work, but I won't 
be certain until the change is complete.

As I write this (Friday evening, 2 December), the longer address may take 
you to a new dummy page, and the shorter one (without "www") still takes 
you to the old indology pages.  These transitional disturbances will 
settle down soon.

:: What about the old UCL address?

For many years the INDOLOGY website has run out of my personal account at 
UCL, namely

In fact, until now, the address was nothing more than a 
redirection to my UCL account.

My UCL address will continue to take you to the old INDOLOGY website for a 
little while.  It's use is deprecated.  I would ask you please not to use 
it in your own websites or bookmarks.  Soon, I'll change it so that it 
automatically forwards your browser to the new INDOLOGY website at .  But in the long run it will die out as a reference to 
the INDOLOGY website.

:: Now and the future

Changing the INDOLOGY website interface has been fun.  But it also long 
overdue.  Richard and I have discussed it and checked the new site, 
although Richard deserves all the credit for its highly professional 
styling and rigorous formal correctness.  The actual content is broadly 
the same as the former website, although we have done some work on dead 
links.  A future phase of the project will -- subject to funding -- 
restructure and develop the content substantially.

Happy Christmas,


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