Earliest example of Indian iconography is Kushan?

Dean Anderson dean_anderson at SACARI.ORG
Thu Apr 14 22:34:16 UTC 2005

Thanks for the reply! I noted the book you recommended and I'm headed to the
library right now.


Dean Anderson

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>By the term "Indian iconography" do you mean "Hindu
>iconography"? As far as the Hindu iconography is concerned,
>Hindu gods such as Lakshmi and Surya were depicted, in a way
>known from later times, already on the Buddhist stupa of
>Bharhut (2nd BC) and on the stupa railings in Sanchi. For a
>quick look, see Harle: The art and architecture of the Indian
>subcontinent (p.26ff).
>Anna Slaczka.
>--- Dean Anderson <dean_anderson at SACARI.ORG> wrote:
>> Raffaele Pettazzoni, Professor of the History of
>> Religions at the University
>> of Rome, wrote in _The All-Knowing God_ (1956:124)
>> the following line. Is it
>> still true that this is the earliest example of
>> Indian iconography?
>>  "The standing god with three heads or faces whom we
>> find on some coins of
>> the Indo-Scythian kings of Kusan (second century
>> A.D.) is the oldest known
>> example in Indian iconography of historical times;
>> from the third century
>> onwards the instances become steadily more numerous
>> in sculpture.
>> Best,
>> Dean Anderson
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