Earliest example of Indian iconography is Kushan?

Dean Anderson dean_anderson at SACARI.ORG
Thu Apr 14 22:29:44 UTC 2005

I'd like to thank everyone for their helpful replies! It has not only
cleared up the issue but brought to light some unexpected treasures.

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>Both the Sanchi stupa 2 and Barhut railings
>are early 1st century BCE

Would you consider the Sanchi stupa Vedika to be based on wood carving? Are
there other wood-based carvings at Sanchi?

>Thus, the craft of fine stone carving  arrived in
>India at about 325 BCE.  However, both the Lomas
>Rishi cave  facade (3rd century BCE) and the huge
>cave complex at Pitalkhora (2nd century BCE) are
>detailed copies of elegant wooden architecture.
>What this suggests is that there was a tradition
>of monumental wooden architecture for palaces and
>sacred spaces already in place by the third
>century (probably with roots of great antiquity).

Can you recommend some publications to learn more about the transition from
wood to stone carving and any indications of early wood carving traditions?

>Pettazzoni was writing at a time, 1956, when
>Foucher's theory was still part of the dialog,

This seems to clear it up.

I was able to locate all of the images except for Pitalkhora on your
fascinating web site. Where can those be found?

Thanks again to everyone,

Dean Anderson

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