Indian Philosophy Brainless?

Arlo Griffiths a.griffiths at THEOL.RUG.NL
Mon Sep 27 22:07:03 UTC 2004

On Sep 22, 2004, at 18:28, Ferenc Ruzsa wrote:

> Dear Plamen,
> According to the Cologne on-line dictionary, the oldest word  (RV)is 
> perhaps mastiSka also classical (suSruta, sARGgadhara-saMhitA) are
> mastu-luGga and mastu-luGgaka, and the group goda, gorda and gordha is 
> found only in dictionaries. I don't recall having seen any of them in 
> philosophical texts.

For the lexicographical record, please also note mast.rha.n-, 
previously only known from Kau;sikasuutra 11.16 (see Ingrid 
Eichner-Kühn, Vier altindische Wörter, Münchener Studien zur 
Sprachwissenschaft 34 [1976], 21--37), but now attested in the 
Atharvaveda, Paippalaadasa.mhitaa 17.21.1 (see Die Sprache 42/1-2 
[2000/01, publ. 2003], p. 201 and n. 8).

Arlo Griffiths

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