Indian Philosophy Brainless?

Plamen Gradinarov plamen at ORIENTALIA.ORG
Wed Sep 22 12:19:17 UTC 2004

Dear members,

Is there an equivalent to brain in Indian darsanas or Ayurvedic teachings?
There is [I]manas[/I] (mind) in the heart, [I]buddhi[/I] (intellect) I don't
know where, but probably in the - and serving as the - universal matrix of
all [I]mahabhutas[/I], [I]cetas[/I] (pure conscious mentality) which
contains and is made up of pure [I]manas-sattva[/I], and all these three are
often referred to as [I]citta[/I] (consciousness).

None of them is even slightly the brain.

Could you give me some guidance in my attempts to find the brain traces in
Indian philosophy?

Thank you,


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