Indian Philosophy Brainless?

John Huntington huntington.2 at OSU.EDU
Wed Sep 22 16:18:46 UTC 2004

According to my colleague Dina Bangdel and verified in Apte, the
physical brain (i.e., the grey blob between your ears) is
"Masti.ska.m." and also refers to any medicine that affects the

I do not know if this what you want and it is certainly not
philosophical as manas and citta but there is a term for the chunk of

Modern usage includes a slight philosophical usate of the term in
which is can be said "you do not have any masti.ska.m" in the modern
sense of "brains."

John C. Huntington for Dina Bangdel

>Dear members,
>Is there an equivalent to brain in Indian darsanas or Ayurvedic teachings?
>There is [I]manas[/I] (mind) in the heart, [I]buddhi[/I] (intellect) I don't
>know where, but probably in the - and serving as the - universal matrix of
>all [I]mahabhutas[/I], [I]cetas[/I] (pure conscious mentality) which
>contains and is made up of pure [I]manas-sattva[/I], and all these three are
>often referred to as [I]citta[/I] (consciousness).
>None of them is even slightly the brain.
>Could you give me some guidance in my attempts to find the brain traces in
>Indian philosophy?
>Thank you,

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