Good translations of Indian texts

Artur Karp karp at UW.EDU.PL
Fri Sep 10 10:37:07 UTC 2004

Dear Members of the list:

An institute here (Center for the Study of Antique Tradition, University of
Warsaw) wants to buy a set of books that represent the Indian antiquity.
What they have in mind are modern (and available) translations of critical
editions of original texts that could be safely used for comparative studies.

Could you please help me in building a short bibliographical list?

1. Rigveda, Russian & English
2. Upanishads ?
3. Mahabharata, Russian & English
4. Ramayana ?
5. Milindapanha, Russian & English
6. Mahaparinirvanasutra
7. Manusmriti
8. Jataka
9. Kathasaritsagara
10. Dashakumaracarita

Information on German translations would be highly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance,

Artur Karp

Senior Lecturer in Sanskrit and Pali,
South Asian Studies Deptt
University of Warsaw

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