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jkirk jkirk at SPRO.NET
Fri Sep 3 14:14:53 UTC 2004

I did not have to pay anything for Adaware, (maybe I got the wrong outfit
when I typed Adaware into google--my icon clearly says Adaware, not
Noadware, so maybe somebody has intruded on the ware I started with--this
happens a lot),
nor did a friend who got it. There is something fishy here. Using what I
have has done nothing negative to my winXP system. I had Spybot Search &
Destroy before, but Adaware has seemed to be more effective.

I will ask my computer geek friend to read your comment on Noadware--and he
will find out what's going on.  Whatever I learn from him, if I've been
hornswoggled, I will post to the list with an apology.

It begins to look even to little old me that Noadware has captured a lot of
people who want to connect with Adaware.
Please stay tuned..........
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> As far as I can see, Joanna, Noadware is not freeware.  You download it,
> it tells you you have a problem, and then you have to register and pay to
> get a version that can fix the problem.  Also, it gives a false-positive
> on my system, telling me I have a "serious" spybot which, on investigation
> isn't true.  In fact, it is pointing to an essential Windows 2000 registry
> entry and system file, which controls the international keyboard, so if
> you tried to fix the problem yourself in the registry, or by deleting the
> indicated file, you would give your system and yourself a headache.
> There are excellent programs in this genre that are completely free in all
> respects, "A squared" from Malware, or the (free)market leader, "Spybot
> Search and Destroy" (  The latter is probably the
> place to start.
> Dominik
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> On Thu, 2 Sep 2004, jkirk wrote:
> > This is a serious problem, so please allow me to suggest getting some
> > freeware that seeks out data miner spy implants (bots) and allows you to
> > delete them. I run it every day before I begin doing email or internet.
> > is called Adaware
> >
> > It has reduced the amount of spam and virus infected stuff that comes my
> > way.
> > It also updates and that's free too.
> > Best wishes,
> > Joanna Kirkpatrick

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