To whom is the Southern PaJcatantra attributed?

McComas Taylor McComas.Taylor at ANU.EDU.AU
Wed Sep 1 05:47:59 UTC 2004

Dear Friends

Most (all?) `north-western' versions of the PaJcatantra are attributed to a
brahmin named ViSNuzarman at the court of a king Amarazakti in a city called
MahilAropya. I have in mind that the so-called Southern PaJcatantra is
attribed to brahmin at the court of King Sudarzana in PATalIputra.

Is this the case? What was the brahmin's name? The answer would surely be

Hertel, J. 1906. Das südliche PaJcatantra. Sanskrittext der Rezension B mit
den Lesarten der besten Hss. der Rezension A. Leipzig: B.G. Teubner.
(Abhandlungen der phi-lologisch-historischen Klasse der Koenigl.
Saechsischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften 24, no. 5).

Unfortunately I don't have easy access to this volume. Can anyone help me

With many thanks in advance and greetings from the first day of Australian


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