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Lars Martin Fosse lmfosse at CHELLO.NO
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Hello John,

And thank you! Actually, I found a rather good list of ligatures, and I have
material which will help teach my students how to write devanagari this
spring. But if you have material which is paedagogically good, it would be a
great idea to share it with the rest of us. I am a great believer in
efficiency, and the methods by which I was taught devanagari (and Sanskrit)
were not exactly efficient. Also, students tend to be dimmer now than then,
simply because the high school system in this country has been seriously
undermined by a process where less and less demands have been put on the
students in order to let as many of them throught the high-school system as
possible. When I left high-school, I knew sufficient French and German to
use these languages in my studies. Students now hardly know English, and
they have not learned how to learn. So unusual things tend to be a puzzle to

All the best,

Lars Martin


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> Dear Lars
> If you do not find one I will see if I can arrange to have 
> the Huntington Archive put one up including the calligraphy 
> techniques for writing the ligatures
> John
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