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Where did you find the list?

Years ago, when I was working on the Devanagari OCR program I created a
font and keyboard interpreter that had all of them that I could find.
But that was so many years ago I don't know where that work is now.
Sometimes, I flirt with the idea of updating that software.


Dean Anderson

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>Hello John,
>And thank you! Actually, I found a rather good list of 
>ligatures, and I have material which will help teach my 
>students how to write devanagari this spring. But if you have 
>material which is paedagogically good, it would be a great 
>idea to share it with the rest of us. I am a great believer in 
>efficiency, and the methods by which I was taught devanagari 
>(and Sanskrit) were not exactly efficient. Also, students tend 
>to be dimmer now than then, simply because the high school 
>system in this country has been seriously undermined by a 
>process where less and less demands have been put on the 
>students in order to let as many of them throught the 
>high-school system as possible. When I left high-school, I 
>knew sufficient French and German to use these languages in my 
>studies. Students now hardly know English, and they have not 
>learned how to learn. So unusual things tend to be a puzzle to them.
>All the best,
>Lars Martin
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>> Dear Lars
>> If you do not find one I will see if I can arrange to have
>> the Huntington Archive put one up including the calligraphy 
>> techniques for writing the ligatures
>> John
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