Stefan Baums baums at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Fri Oct 22 05:52:37 UTC 2004

> References say that <.sa.s.tikaa> as variety of rice which
> yields in sixty days, is mentioned in the Mahabharta.  Can any
> one please give the exact location of its occurence.

A quick search for ṣaṣṭik* in the electronic text gives the
following result:

   MBh13.txt:13063014a ghr̥takṣīrasamāyuktaṁ vidhivat ṣaṣṭikaudanam
   Supp13.txt:13_014_0104 kṣīreṇa ṣaṣṭikān bhuktvā sarvapāpaiḥ pramucyate

where the file “Supp13.txt” contains material relegated to the
appendix of the critical edition.


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