Two First Vietnamese Dictionaries Printed in India (fwd)

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Dear Colleagues,
I am trying to help a research reference client here at Columbia Libraries,
who is seeking any information about the two books listed below, which were
published in India in the 18th and 19th centuries, respectively. (Of
course, if someone knows where copies of these books might exist and be
consulted, he would also be very pleased to have that information as well).

Many thanks for any assistance you could provide.
David Magier
South/Southeast Asia Librarian
Columbia University Libraries

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Dear Dr. Magier,

It was nice meeting with you. Thank you for your interest in my
research. Following are two important dictionaries printed in India
that I mentioned to you and were cited by John DeFrancis in his book
"Colonialism and Language Policy in Vietnam", 1977.

1. Dictionarium Annamitico-Latinum by Pierre Pigneau de Behaine,
printed in Goa, India, in 1771-1773.
2. Dictionarium Annamitico-Latinum et Latino-Annamiticum by
Jean-Louis Taberd, printed in Serampore, Begale, India, in 1838.

Please note that Annam (Annamiticum) is the name of Vietnam at that

Thank you for your support and encouragment,

*=* James Lap *=*

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