The Vedas: Texts, Language & Ritual

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We are very happy to announce publication of the following volume:

The Vedas: Texts, Language & Ritual
Proceedings of the Third International Vedic Workshop, Leiden 2002
Edited by Arlo Griffiths & Jan E.M. Houben.

Groningen Oriental Studies, Vol. XX. Groningen: Egbert Forsten, 2004, 
pp. X, 658 (cloth).  ISBN 90 6980 149 3. 125,– €. <> / 
<info at>.

Table of Contents:

Preface (A. Griffiths and J.E.M. Houben)
Introduction (J.E.M. Houben)

PART I --- Textual History and Interpretation

- S.S. Bahulkar, The Apocryphal (?) Hymn to Pratya:ngiraa in the 
Paippalaada Tradition
- T.N. Dharmadhikari, Re-editing the Maitraaya.nii Sam.hitaa: a 
- Gerhard Ehlers, Old and New Manuscripts of the
- Shingo Einoo Notes on the v.r.sotsarga
- Arlo Griffiths, Paippalaada Mantras in the Kau;sikasuutra
- Konrad Klaus, On the Sources of the AA;svalaayana-;Srautasuutra
- François Voegeli, On the Kaat.haka Sam.hitaa Hapax pa;suyaj;na and 
its Relationship with the Mantra

PART II --- Language and Style

- Dipak Bhattacharya, On y;aat, t;aat, uttar;aat and Similar Forms
- Abhijit Ghosh, Problems in Determining Austric Lexical Elements in 
Sanskrit: a Case from the Atharva-Veda
- Stephanie W. Jamison, Poetry and Purpose in the .Rgveda: Structuring 
- Jared S. Klein, Nominal and Adverbial AAmre.ditas and the Etymology 
of .Rgvedic n;aanaa
- Werner Knobl, The Nonce Formation: A more-than-momentary look at the 
- Georges-Jean Pinault, On the Usages of the Particle iva in the 
.Rgvedic Hymns
- Ulrike Roesler, The Theory of Semantic Fields as a Tool for Vedic 

PART III --- Ritual and Religion

- Joel P. Brereton, Br;ahman, Brahm;an, and Sacrificer
- Silvia D’Intino, Vision and Battle in Vedic Hymns: A Remark on the 
Theme of Battle in the Symbolism of Poetic Creation
- Cezary Galewicz, Ka.tavalluur Anyoonyam: a Competition in Vedic 
- Jan E.M. Houben, Memetics of Vedic Ritual, Morphology of the 
- Mieko Kajihara, The Upanayana and Marriage in the Atharvaveda
- David M. Knipe, Ritual Subversion: Reliable Enemies and Suspect Allies
- Charles Malamoud, A Note on abii.s.takaa (Taittiriiya  AAra.nyaka I)
- Sofía Moncó Taracena, Dawn and Song in the Vedic Hymns
- Asko Parpola, From Archaeology to a Stratigraphy of Vedic Syncretism: 
The banyan tree and the water buffalo as Harappan-Dravidian symbols of 
royalty, inherited in succession by Yama, and Indra, divine 
kings of the first three layers of Aryan speakers in South Asia
- Stephanie W. Jamison, Response to Parpola, “From Archaeology to a 
Stratigraphy of Vedic Syncretism”
- Frits Staal, From praa:nmukham to sarvatomukham: A Thread through the 
  ;Srauta Maze
- G.U. Thite Vicissitudes of Vedic Ritual
- Jarrod L. Whitaker, Ritual Power, Social Prestige, and Amulets 
(ma.n;i) in the Atharvaveda
- Michael Witzel The .Rgvedic Religious System and its Central Asian 
and Hindukush Antecedents

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Arlo Griffiths & Jan E.M. Houben

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