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Dar Prof.Griffiths,
Thank you for your query. I am sorry for this delayed reply as I was away from Mexico. Vasudeva"s Goipalaarcanapaddhati edited by Gayacarana Tripathi deals with daily puja ceremony in Jagannatha Temple and Lak.smii Naatha Bha.t.ta"s Gopaalaarcanacandrikaa deals with Krishnite rituals to be practised daily three times by a devotee, excellent 36 verses of meditation, rituals of Purascarana, parctice of Yoga and easy method to awake Kundalinii.This is a 17th century text edited for the first time. It is most popular in Nimbarka tradition and  the results are immediate and wonderful.
Rasik Vihari Joshi 

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Dear Dr. Joshi,

Thank you for this announcement. Could you please indicate --- for
those who are, like me, uninitiated in this field of literature --- in
what relation, if any, Lak.smii Naatha Bha.t.ta's text stands to
Vaasudeva's Gopaalaarcanapaddhati, published recently by Gaya Charan
Tripathi in his book

Communication with God.
The Daily Puujaa Ceremony in the Jagannaatha Temple.

IGNCA / Aryan Books International (New Delhi), 2004.

Arlo Griffiths

On Oct 20, 2004, at 18:59, Rasik Vihari Joshi Tripathi wrote:

> It is my pleasure to announce the publication of the fourth volume in
> two parts of my work "Upaasanaa-cintaamani"(Gem of Meditation) in four
> volumes eight parts. The fourth volume is an edition of the
> Gopaalaarcana-candrikaa by Laksmi Nath Bhatta (17th century).  It
> includes the edition of the sanskrit text, English and Hindi
> translation and copious notes and introduction. The previous volumes
> of the Upaasanaa-citaamani are as follows:
> Vol.1 in two parts Mantra-prayoga (Application of the Mantras)
> Vol.2 in two parts Kavaca-rahasyam (Secret of the Kavacas)
> Vol.3 in two parts Sabiija-Gopaala-sahasra-naama thousand Names of
> Gopaala-Krsna with Naamaavalii.
> The book is available with Caukhamba Sanskrit Prakashan, Delhi
> Rasik Vihari Joshi

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