Names of Demons in Ga.neza's Avataara myths

Gregory Bailey Greg.Bailey at LATROBE.EDU.AU
Fri May 28 06:19:58 UTC 2004

Dear List,

I am completing the final aspects of work on the second volume
(krii.daakha.n.da) of my translation and study of the

This kha.n.da is dominated by the description of three long narratives about
Ga.neza's avataaras and I am attempting to locate the sources of the
narratives.  One way is to trace the names of the principal protagonists.

Of these there are three:

1)  Devaantaka and Naraantaka.  These are brothers who appear in the Raam.
and the odd Puraa.nic account of the Raam.  I have not found them in any
other context.  The reference in Vettam Mani, Puranic Encyclopedia is
incorrect and should refer to the Ga.neza, not the
[S.r.s.tikh] (unless it is in an edition I have not seen).  Another relevant
name here is Raudraketu, father of Devaantaka and Naraantaka.

2)  Sindhu

3)  Sinduura.

Of the latter two, I have found nothing.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Greg Bailey

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