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Sat May 1 10:49:07 UTC 2004

Dear Jonathan,

On Fri, Apr 30, 2004 at 10:24:49AM -0700, Jonathan Silk wrote:


> Notice in particular below the offer that for those with
> institutional (or unusual personal) resources, the materials can be
> made available in TIFF format. I may note that we here have been in
> discussions with TBRC about acquiring the whole of the materials for
> the UC Library system, in which case they are deliverable on
> external hard drives (rather than CD) suitable for posting on
> password protected and access restricted servers, such as those of a
> university library. Especially scholars at institutions without wide
> Tibetan holdings might want to seriously consider this approach.
> Please contact Gene directly about this possibility--the external
> drives, of which two are so far available, are priced for
> institutions at $8000 each, and contain approximately 1000 texts
> each. Of course, complete contents listings are available.

In my initial posting I asked if any readers had successfully converted
TBRC PDF files into TIFF files. At the time, I had not thought that
this question might be of interest to Gene Smith but I am pleased that
you mentioned it to him. If I understand his response correctly, it
seems that his organization does hold a master archive of TIFF
images. If so, there exist relatively inexpensive ways of
disseminating his holdings. One system of note is `IIPimage : High
Resolution Remote Image Viewing':


Once established, the cost of such a system both for the Server and
Clients should be reasonable.

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