TBRC sTog and other files: PDF/TIFF

Stefan Baums baums at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Sat May 1 02:29:34 UTC 2004

Dear Jonathan and Gene Smith,

there is no doubt about the immense achievement that the
digitisation of these blockprints and manuscripts represents: a
huge practical improvement for all of us working with them, as
well as a central building block in their long-term preservation.
The TBRC can be sure of everybody's gratitude for their efforts.
Now that digitisation has been achieved, it is just one of the
attendant benefits that every user can convert the data to that
format that he/she finds most convenient to work with.  Individual
conversion to TIFF or DjVu should be straightforward to automate,
and those interested could share their recipes for doing so (maybe
best offlist).  Meanwhile, it is both good to know and no suprise
that the TBRC is aware of the importance of preserving their own
archives of the master scans in a lossless format, from which
fresh reproductions can be made in the future as new technologies

Again, a sincere thank you for undertaking and completing this
project.  The Derge Tanjur CD set is definitely on my personal
shopping list.

Best regards,
Stefan Baums

Stefan Baums
Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington

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