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Sat Mar 13 19:44:38 UTC 2004

I have come across the following passage as, possibly, my final contribution
to this stimulating collaborative discussion.  It is from the
Dhammapaada-atthakatha (4.195) dealing with the young monk Sundarasamudda's
encounter with a courtesan.  A translation, which clearly needs improving,
is found in Burlinghame's 1920s version, "Legends of the Buddha" (PTS).  The
text seems to give a fairly exhaustive idea of "female wiles" we poor
heterosexual males must guard against -- though here, evidently, dealing
with a professional courtesan so the same range of skills might not have
been expected in other women.  As it includes in close proximity many of the
items from the list of eight things that prompted this thread (naccena,
giitena etc), although "vana-bha'ngena" is not mentioned specifically, I
wonder whether one of the activities below might not be a synonym.  Note
also, that although these are the skills of a courtesan, there does not seem
to be anything overtly or explicitly sexual as one might have expected --
all very demure so I wonder what the Buddhists of yore would have made of
pole & lap dancers !  This again makes me think as I said before that our
"'nga" seems too explicit ain the context although Hartmut
Buescher's msg is helpful here.

Anyway, here's the passage:
itthii purisa.m accaavadati vijambhati vinamati gilasati vilajjati nakhena
nakha.m gha.t.teti, paadena paada? akkamati, ka.t.thena pathavi.m vilikhati,
daaraka.m ulla`ngheti ola`ngheti, kii.lati kii.laapeti, cumbati cumbaapeti,
bhu~njati bhu~njaapeti, dadaati aayaacati, katamanukaroti, ucca.m bhaasati,
niica.m bhaasati, avicca? bhaasati, vivicca.m bhaasati, naccena giitena
vaaditena roditena vilasitena vibhuusitena jagghati, pekkhati, ka.ti.m
caaleti, guyhabha.n.daka.m caaleti, uuru.m vivarati, uuru.m pidahati,
thana.m dasseti, kaccha.m dasseti, naabhi? dasseti, akkhi.m nikha.nati,
bhamuka.m ukkhipati, o.t.tha? palikhati, jivha? nillaaleti, dussa.m
mu~ncati, dussa.m bandhati, sirasa.m mu~ncati, sirasa.m bandhati

Best wishes,

Stephen Hodge

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