Graham Hancock

Horacio Francisco Arganis Juarez arganis at TODITO.COM
Tue Jul 20 21:18:03 UTC 2004

Dearest Sir:
Thanks very much for your letter and comentary. Let me now some webe sites in URL about Him. Because, I am not interesting in his hipothesis on ... Only the status of him and his works.
With my best regards

> -----> > You are, of course, referring to Graham Hancock who is neither a professor 
> (but is a former journalist) nor I hope employed by any university. I don't 
> think he is available directly by email but there should be a website 
> devoted to his many fantasies, though depending on your critical 
> sensibilities, the man is either an innovative "researcher" or a deranged 
> and somewhat arrogant crank. I tend towards the latter position. In fact, 
> there is lots of information on the internet debunking his ridiculous 
> theories which have drawn the deserved scorn of all serious scholars. 
> Typical of his theories is his claim that the Antarctic was the "original" 
> Atlantis, originally situated thousands of miles to the north in the middle 
> of the Atlantic which then just happened to "slip" down to its current icy 
> location no more than 10,000 years ago -- despite the evidence of ice-cores 
> which prove that the Antarctic has been ice bound for several million years. 
> Virtually all of his claims are demonstrably untrue or distortions of known 
> facts. However, if you are interested in a plausible account of a possible 
> location for pre-flood (c7000 BCE) civilization in SE Asia, try Stephen 
> Oppenheimer's "Eden in the East". 
> Best wishes, 
> Stephen Hodge 

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