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On Wed, Jul 14, 2004 at 05:19:07PM -0400, Stella Sandahl wrote:

> The late Professor Ronald Morton Smith wrote an article with the
> intriguing title: "Rejected Dragons, Accepted Snakes". It was supposed
> to appear in Lakshman Sarup Centenary Volume (Chandigarh). It was
> listed as "forthcoming" in the bibliography of his works which appears
> in Professor Smith's Festschrift (Corolla Torotonensis. Studies in
> honour of Ronald Morton Smith, Toronto 1994 - coedited by me). Has
> anybody seen this article?

The article in question has been published in

        Sarupa-Saurabham : tributes to indology ; Lakshman Sarup
        centenary volume / ed. by Ashvini Agrawal. - New Delhi : Harman
        Publishing House, 2003, p. 17-20

So far I can see Morton Smith does not deal with snakes in a zoological
sense. The article is about fighting against enemies in a mythological
language or framework.

Hope it helps
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