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Wed Jul 14 17:30:13 UTC 2004

Am Montag, 12. Juli 2004 02:40 schrieb Stephen Hodge:

> L.S. Cousins wrote:
> > kukku.ta + ada 'eating chickens'.
> > Could this be confused with aadi ?
> Possibly, but kukku.ta + ahi is attested and Skt definitions say
> " sarpa-bhede".  [...]

For what it's worth (or perhaps: to confuse matters further): in Jaina 
iconography the kukka.ta-sarpa is the vaahana of Padmaavatii, the 
yak.sii or protective goddess of the Tirthankara Paar;svanaatha (about 
Padmavati and other Jaina goddesses I may advertise myself and refer to 
items 16, 16a, 19 and 29 in my I have 
seen this vaahana depicted as a hen with the neck and head of a cobra 
(usually) or as a snake with a hen's head (sometimes).

So if the snake is question is not a wholly biological creature (or if 
its ontological status is doubtful), this iconographical angle may be 
worth considering.


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