Horacio Francisco Arganis Juarez arganis at TODITO.COM
Wed Jul 14 11:13:48 UTC 2004

Dear list members:
Pranam!!! I am looking for the e-amil addres from Prfr. Hambock (or some thing like that) Graham of England, may be Durbhan University. Becuase he edite, in territory discovery channel, a very innovative and procative video about pre flood "civilitations in India." Could your fine persons help me and discloset your comentairies on the issue.
With my best respects
Prfr. Horacio F. Arganis J.
U A de C and IEFAC.
> KukkuTabha is not a common word in Sanskrit (and one would prefer
> "-aabha"); just a stab in the dark, but I would have thought kukkuTabhak,
> chicken-eater, might be an idea. But it's completely unsubstantiated.
> Dominik
> On Sat, 10 Jul 2004, Stephen Hodge wrote:
> > Following my last msg, I think I have solved the "bya-gag" problem -- I have
> > now found (by the typical serendipity that seems to occur just *after* one
> > has sent a msg asking for help) that there is a type of snake called the
> > "kukkuTabha", which seems to have been truncated in the Tib to just
> > "kukku.ta". So my only remaining query here is -- what kind of snake is
> > this that resembles a chicken in some aspect ?
> >
> > Stephen Hodge
> >

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