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jkirk jkirk at SPRO.NET
Mon Feb 16 23:26:43 UTC 2004

Dear John Huntington,
Thanks so much for posting this lovely makara collection with comment. Is
there any chance that the composite bird perched on the lotus that grows out
of the makara's water tail might be a version of the phoenix? I'm curious
also as to how you know the makara's tail is a "water" tail: is that how
it's glossed in the relevant languages?

Joanna Kirkpatrick
> Dear colleagues,
> Thanks to Andrew LaMoreaux, the Huntington archive's imaging specialist
> I am able to share with those who wish to see them the Makara the
> images I have been referring to in the "Makara" discussion.
> It is at:
> Or it may be accessed from the home page
>  through "Projects" then
> "Indology Images & Discussion."
> I have added a makara from the Jivarama Sketchbook of N.S. 555, to
> help explain the painting I referred to in the Circle of Bliss and a
> large detail of that painting. In addition I have also added two very
> different makara from the same time and place, Vasu Vinhar, a 6th
> century site in Bangla Desh.
> Cheers,
> John

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