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I wonder if mahagraha is indeed a marine animal whether it might refer
to a sort of shark.

Makaras are depicted in miniature paintings illustrating the
Gajamocanastotra, they are usually clearly crocodiles.  However, when
the zodiacal sign Makara is depicted it is much more variously.  You see
depictions of Makararasi in the antique shops, when long janmapatrika
scrolls with dozens of charts analyzing the horoscope in multiple ways
and with illustrations of Ganesa, the grahas, and the rasis, have been
cut up into individual yantras and miniatures suitable for framing.  The
makaras often look like hybrid creatures, sometimes crocodiles with
leopard spots, sometimes a long low animal that appears to be furry and
has a blunter snout.  There are also, I think, ones that show the sign
as a goat with a fish tail, as in the West; but I may have misremembered


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