Buddhist Fundamentalism (was: Re: Indology.Info)

Plamen Gradinarov plamen at ORIENTALIA.ORG
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Fundamentalism and sectarianism are the two present-day Extremes in Buddhist Dharma between which a true madhyanta-vibhaga should be made. I can point to at least one site that in a most original way exemplifies both alternatives of the said koti.




BTW, from time to time I happen to moderate the Buddhist Philosophy forum at www.e-sangha.com, and the moderatorial team is much concerned about possibly evading the fate of the Tryke boards, closed because of too much dark-zen Buddhist sectarianism. They are also concerned about not too high-pitchingly voicing the "fight" against sectarianism, which may eventually be interpreted as Gelug-pa or other type of fundamentalism.
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  Dare I ask, what is fundamentalist Buddhism?

  Dr Valerie J Roebuck
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  At 5:00 pm +0300 28/4/04, Plamen Gradinarov wrote:
  >Nice domain, Dominik. Congratulations! :-)
  >And I really appreciate the academic atmosphere in this list.
  >BTW, I recall a big Internet Buddhist forum closed last year because
  >of fundamentailst and sectarian views propagated.

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