Commentaries on Ramayana

Kenneth Zysk zysk at HUM.KU.DK
Wed Oct 15 06:27:23 UTC 2003

Perhaps someone can help with information about several commentaries on the Ramayana. I should appreciate any information, dates, etc., with possible references for the following commentaries:

1. "Tilaka:" According to CC vol. 1 (pp. 515, 523) the author is Ramavarman or Ramasarman, son of Himmativarman, pupil of Nagesa.  However, accordinging to the Critical Edition, vol. 5 (p. xi), the author is Nagesa. Which is correct?

2. "Ramayanatattvadipika" of Mahesvaratirtha or Mahesa. According to CC vol. 1 (p. 446), the author is a pupil of Narayanatirtha, who could be the son of Nilakanthasuri of Varanasi, thus putting his date in the 18th cent. However, the Critical Edition, vol. 1 (p. xxx) dates him at around A.D. 1550. Clarification ?

3. "Ramayanasiromani." An edition of the Ramayana with three commentaries printed by The News Printing Press of Gujarati in about 1918-19 (no date is given), contains a commentary called Ramayanasiromani, which, according to the opening mangala verses, seems to have been authored by a disciple of Vamsidhara. I do cannot find any other reference to this commentary. What is the problem here?

Many thanks in advance for help on these questions.



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