wooden temple architecture

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The time frame is important.

Here at the Ohio State University,we have done a 
great deal of study (not much published I am 
afraid) and have a dissertation by David Efurd in 
progress on early stone copies of wooden 
architecture. Virtually every book on early Indic 
architecture has at  least a recognition of the 

There are some surviving ca 10-12th century 
temples in Chamba and partial wooden temples in 

On wooden (and brick) temples in the Kathmandu 
Valley  there are several studies covering the 
period from ca 1400 to the present.

For later south Asian temples in wood, I have not 
done any work on that material. although there is 
a tradition of partial wooden temples in Kerala 
to the present day.

If any of the areas I have mentioned above are of 
interest please contact me and I will put 
together a brief bibliography.

>An acquaintance has asked me whether anyone has done research / written on how
>wooden temples in South Asia are constructed. Has anyone among the list
>members come across such information?
>[With apologies for possible cross postings from other lists.]
>Prof. Dr. Robert J. Zydenbos
>Institut für Indologie und Iranistik
>Universität München

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