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Mon Nov 10 19:17:36 UTC 2003

Should a name be equally fool-proof as a
Mamma.tean poem?
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, perhaps
the is here in the one who creates (k.rt)
the viruddhamati?
Anyway, for those with Vedic interests I point
out that I was happy to find that the Muktabodha
library is offering a free road (muktamaarga) not
only to a large number of texts on Kashmir
Saivism but also to the G.rhya Suutra
(volumes 49 and 55 of KSTS) which can be
consulted online or downloaded.
Let me also take the occasion to thank Somadeva
Vasudeva for making available a number of e-texts
(e.g. Bhart.rhari's VP 1-3.7, through GRETIL)
which have been digitized "the hard way" (by
typing rather than photographing) and which thus
take little memory and are easily searchable.
Best regards,
Jan Houben

--- Somadeva Vasudeva <Somadevah at AOL.COM> wrote:
> Alas, I fear it is not so easy to avoid the
> of the
> compound muktabodha. All the more a shame since
> the Muktabodha org.'s work seems
> valuable.
> "Jan E.M. Houben" <j_e_m_houben at YAHOO.COM>
> wrote:
> >Looking at the compounds starting with mukta-
> in MW
> >I found that in those where the second member
> refers to a
> >concrete object accessible to sense
> perception, such as vasana- "cloth",
> >mukta does indeed have a meaning equivalent
> with vigata or apagata or
> tyakta.
> >However, if the second member refers to a
> mental or psychological entity,
> >such as cetas- or aatman-, the compound is
> only recorded as meaning
> "liberated",
> >while it is either bahuvriihi "whose soul is
> liberated" or
> "liberated soul".
> What about muktalajja, muktakrodha,
>, etc.?
> >I think the undesired interpretation will
> therefore not occur
> >to the one who is familiar with these
> divergent usages of mukta.
> To the contrary, the intended (vivak.sita)
> meaning of the compound is beside
> the point in a, the
> problem is that there exists a
> possible,   not intended (avivak.sita)
> repellent second meaning. For instance,
> Mamma.ta (7.ex165) shows the repugnant,
> unintended second sense in the word
> akaaryamitra: atra ``kaarya.m vinaa mitram''
> iti vivak.sitam `` mitram''
> iti tu pratiiti.h. Intended is ``friend without
> ulterior motive'', but the
> unintended sense is ``partner in crime''.
> At least for me the repugnant second sense
> (``stupid'') in Muktabodha is
> embarrassing for an educational institution.
> Somadeva Vasudeva

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