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Dear all,
Dr. Imre Bangha has asked me to forward the following

First Circular — Call for Papers

The South Asian Legacy of Sir Aurel Stein

International Conference
5-6 March 2004, Leicester City Campus, De Montfort

organised by
PRASADA, Faculty of Art and Design
De Montfort University, Leicester

in collaboration with
Circle of Inner Asian Art, London
Department of Indo-European Studies, Eötvös Loránd
University, Budapest

Sir Aurel Stein is regarded as the most important
British explorer of Central
Asia in the 20th century. Studies of Stein tend to
concentrate on his expeditions
on the Silk Road and deal relatively little with his
achievements in the field
of South Asian textual and material culture.

The conference plans to present Stein’s other
interests: his contact with South
Asia as well as with his native country, Hungary,
where he was first inspired to
explore the East and with which he remained in touch
until his death.

We encourage papers dealing either with the person of
Stein and his contact
with South Asia or with any aspect of South Asian
research to which Stein has made a contribution.

The conference will be composed of the following

1. “Stein and South Asian material culture” To this
panel we welcome proposals exploring Stein’s
work on South Asian archaeology, historical topography
and on Indian Art and its influences
outside South Asia
2. “Stein and South Asian texts” Presentations on Old
and Middle Indo-Aryan texts that Stein
had either studied or discovered are invited.
3. “Stein, Hungary and South Asia” This panel will
investigate how much Stein’s native country
contributed and responded to the development of the
ideas that lead him to India and later to
Central Asia.

The participants are invited to give a 40 minute
presentation followed by 20 minute discussion.
We are planning to publish the proceedings in a

Anyone interested in delivering a paper should contact
Imre Bangha (PRASADA, De
Montfort University, Leicester City Campus, Leicester
LE1 9BH, United Kingdom.
Email: imre.bangha at by 30th June 2003.
Speakers are expected to send an abstract
of about 150 words by 15th September 2003. Papers
should be ready for circulation amongst panel
members by 28th February 2004.
Speakers will be provided with accommodation for two
nights (4-6 March) and meals during the
conference. Contribution to travel expenses for
participants from South Asia will be considered
and in exceptional cases for other participants, too,
depending on the funds raised for the conference.
The amount of participation fee for those who wish to
attend but do not read a paper will be
announced later.

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