Svastika: history and interpretation

Christian Wedemeyer wedemeyer at HUM.KU.DK
Sun May 18 16:01:59 UTC 2003

Dear Friends,

A filmmaker I know is beginning a project centering on the svastika; in
particular, she seeks to dramatize the various meanings it has borne in its
long history, and the various groups which have adopted and reinterpreted
it.  She is interested in the broadest range of interpretations and uses:
its oldest roots in India (as well as any older roots), its history in Asia
and elsewhere, its adoption by Nazis, and its current use among (esp.
neo-fascist) groups in contemporary India.

She is currently seeking literature about the above issues as she develops
the film's treatment.  She would also be interested in speaking
with/emailing any scholars who have expertise in any of these areas.  Any
assistance would be appreciated.  Many thanks in advance.


Christian Wedemeyer
University of Copenhagen

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