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>Subject: AIIS book prize
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>AIIS BOOK PRIZE: Date Extended
>In order to promote scholarship in South Asian Studies, the American
>Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) announces the award of two prizes
>each year for the best unpublished book manuscript on an Indian subject,
>one in the humanities, "The Edward Cameron Dimock, Jr. Prize in the
>Indian Humanities" and one in the social sciences,  "The Joseph W. Elder
>Prize in the Indian Social Sciences". Indiana University Press has the
>right of first refusal for any prize-winner, with manuscripts being
>published in the Indiana University Press/AIIS series Indian Culture and
>Society (after revision and editing).  Only junior scholars who have
>received the PhD within the last five years (1998 and after) and been
>awarded an AIIS Fellowship or participated in an AIIS program
>(fellowship or language) are eligible. A prize committee will determine
>the yearly winners and can chose to designate no winner in any given
>year if worthy submissions are lacking.  When submitting manuscripts to
>the prize committee, applicants are committed to publication in the AIIS
>series with Indiana University Press if chosen as a winner.  AIIS will
>provide a subvention to Indiana University Press for all prize
>Unrevised dissertations are not accepted. We expect that the applicants
>will have revised dissertations prior to submission.
>Manuscripts are due October 1st., with an announcement of the awardees
>at the made early in 2004. Send manuscripts, postmarked no later than
>October 1, 2003, to the Publications Committee Chair, Susan S. Wadley,
>Anthropology, 209 Maxwell, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 13244.
>Queries can be addressed to sswadley at maxwell.syr.edu
>Publications committee:
>Martha Selby, U. of Texas-Austin
>Brian Hatcher, Illinois Weslayan U.
>David Lelyveld, William Paterson U.
>John Echeverri-Gent, Virginia
>Akhil Gupta, Stanford University

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