Garuda and Nagas

Asko Parpola Asko.Parpola at HELSINKI.FI
Thu Mar 13 06:17:21 UTC 2003

McComas Taylor wrote:
> Dear Friends
> With reference to the traditional enmity between birds and snakes in
> Sanskrit literature, I assume that this is a reflection of the Garuda-Naga
> myth. Is this a Vedic concept? Can anyone help me with Vedic references?
> With thanks in advance
> McComas

Charpentier, Jarl, 1920. Die Supar.nasage: Untersuchungen zur
altindischen Litteratur- und Sagengeschichte. (Arbeten utgifna med
understöd af Vilhelm Ekmans Universitetsfund, Uppsala, 26.) Uppsala:
A.-B. Akademiska Bokhandeln. 399 pp.

Knipe, David M., 1967. The heroic theft: Myths from R’gveda IV and the
ancient         Near East. History of Religions 6: 328-360. 

Parpola, Asko, 2002. Pre-Proto-Iranians of Afghanistan as initiators of
S’âkta Tantrism: On the     Scythian/Saka affiliation of the Dâsas,
Nuristanis and Magadhans.  Iranica Antiqua 37: 233-324.
(p. 303 ff.)

With best regards, AP

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