how to deal with long formats in cataloging

Allen W Thrasher athr at LOC.GOV
Wed Mar 12 17:22:04 UTC 2003

Dear Colleagues (Particularly librarians and other involved with
manuscripts processing),

I already crossposted the following to the  library lists CONSALD and
CORMOSEA.  However, Surya Mittal of D.K. Agencies has kindly pointed out
to me that there are few people from other parts of the world besides
the U.S. and Canada on those lists.  Would anyone care to comment on
these issues?:

How have different libraries dealt with how or whether to indicate that
a book is in a long narrow loosleaf format?  What terminology has been
used in the different fields? LC is going to start cataloging some of
our palm leaf and paper South and Southeast manuscripts and after boxing
will usually shelve them in a separate area lying flat and endwise.  We
may want to add something after the class number to indicate this.  We
may also need some standardized terminology for the format.  I thought
of "pothi" but that's only used in Hindi and maybe some other Indo-Aryan
languages. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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