XML/TEI-Sanskrit texts, anyone?

Michael Witzel witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Sun Mar 2 15:39:51 UTC 2003

We should also not forget, as far as the Veda (and Skt texts in general)
are concerned,  J.R. Gardner's Nov.  2000 paper in EJVS,  VOL. 6, including
a lot of useful tools :

      J. R. Gardner,
      Virtual Vidhaana: E-Textnology (XML and XSL/T) and Vedic Research

see:  http://users.primushost.com/~india/ejvs/ejvs0601/ejvs0601.txt
or  http://users.primushost.com/~india/ejvs/ejvs0601/ejvs0601.html
all in  Kyoto_Harvard version

For additional files to be used in several further implementations of J. R.
program go to  http://users.primushost.com/~india/ejvs/, scroll down to
Vol. 6-1,  and save as source or binary, and expand download:
Mac: ejvs_supplementary_files.sit
PC:  ejvs_supplementary_files.zip

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