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Great. That helps. Many thanks.


Quoting Jonathan Silk <silk at HUMNET.UCLA.EDU>:

> >Joseph Walser wrote to ask about the Japanese CDROM edition of the
> >Derge. Indeed, it exists, according to the website that he cites.
> >And it is yours--for the people's price (as Karl Pohrt of Shaman
> >Drum books in Ann Arbor used to say) of about (assuming 100 = yen =
> >US $1) $4000 for the Kanjur, and another $4000 for the Tanjur. But
> >the Dharma is priceless, right?
> Gene Smith and TBRC are obviously involved in this project for some
> other reason than to make their boat payments; the Kanjur from TBRC
> is $195 for individuals. You decide.
> (I assume, althoughthe web site does not say so, that the basis of
> the Koyasan CD version is the copy of the Derge held at Koyasan. My
> memory, although I may wrong about this, is that this is not the
> first printing [parphu], but a subsequent printing which has slight
> internal adjustments. It is also somewhere in my brain that this copy
> may correspond completely, as the parphu does not, to the Tohoku
> catalogue. This means, by the way, that there are slight variations
> between the so-called Rumtek edition reproduced in the TBRC Derge
> Kanjur and the Tohoku catalogue; in almost all cases, however, the
> correspondences should be transparent.
> Hope this helps, jonathan silk
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