Vedic accent marks and anusvaras

Stefan Baums baums at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Tue Jun 17 21:32:25 UTC 2003

Dear Vedicists,

is there a recent source of comprehensive information on Vedic
accent marking systems (i.e., apart from the familiar Rgvedic
one), and on the apparently wide array of different anusvara signs
that seem to be used in Yajurveda texts?  With the former at
least, appendix III of Macdonell's Vedic Grammar for Students
helps, and so does Altindische Grammatik I pp. 281ff. and
references, but surely something must have been published since.

I am also trying to get an overview of the manuscript tradition of
accented Vedic texts, particularly whether any of them are
preserved in what can be considered non-modern (= not modern
Indian "national") scripts, apart from Sarada.

Finally, I would like to refer to Annex G of Indian Standard
13194:1991 (= ISCII-91), "Extended character set for Vedic."
Annex G has been omitted from the version that was available on
the Internet for a while, and the authoritative printed standard
(issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards) seems to be unavailable
here.  Is it possible that some Indology member has a copy?

Many thanks in advance,
Stefan Baums

Stefan Baums
Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington

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